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Looking for Justice? Find a Great Lawyer With These Tips

The following is a post we have allowed to be written by Graham who is a fantastic writer in the legal niche. He writes on behalf of a law firm in Chester called Aaron & Partners.

I’d like to thank the website owners for giving me this opportunity. Aaron and Partners are a Chester based law firm, here is a link to their website if you are in the Chester area and need a lawyer, I can highly recommend them.

So…whenever people have an accident and they get injured the first thing that everybody does is to panic. Once the initial shock subsides and logic kicks in, people often start to think about whether justice needs to be served. All you need is a personal injury lawyer to help you claim the money you deserve if you come to the conclusion that it does.

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An injury lawyer is easy to find, but a good one is more tricky. Just follow these quick and easy steps and the entire process will be as pain free and as seamless as is possible.

Looking for a lawyer

1. Make use of a referral service

2. Ask friends or acquaintances

3. Ask other lawyers who they recommend

You are able to list what they are called of lawyers which were described you with a referral service, other lawyers, friends and acquaintances, that have been represented with a lawyer in their own individual accidental injury claims.

Contact lawyers personally and set up a consultation

1. Contact each lawyer personally to setup a consultation. Satisfy the lawyers and take a seat along with them to talk about the particulars of the case.

2. Go to a different lawyer, since most good lawyers provide the first consultation absolutely free, if there is a fee for the initial consultation.

3. When you visit discuss your case using the lawyer make sure you take copies of your documents: police report, medical records and bills, income loss information, and all of correspondence with the insurer.

take and Give of data

1. Does he have sufficient experience with this industry?

2. What type of claim cases is he familiar with?

3. Did he represent the defendants or plaintiffs usually?

4. Is he likely to personally handle the situation or pass it onto another lawyer?

5. What exactly are my chances to some strong case?

As this is whenever you discuss your case using the lawyer and that he shares his legal expertise along with you, this is a good time to ask the attorney any queries you are interested in, concerning the case or his experience being a accidental injury lawyer, as well as inform him of what you would like him to accomplish concerning the settlement with the insurer.

You have managed to find yourself a good lawyer if you are satisfied with the answers now you have to produce a written fee agreement as well as keep in touch to make sure your case is progressing because it should.


How to choose a medical negligence solicitor

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Choosing the right medical negligence solicitor for your case is an important, Medical negligence is a specialist area of law and you should bear in mind when instructing a Solicitor that they are familiar with the issues involved in pursuing a medical negligence claim.

Choose a reputable medical negligence company

The first step should be to do some research into reputable companies. If you know anyone in the same situation as you, ask them who represented them, if they were pleased with the service, and how they went around finding them – they may be full of useful information. Message boards on the internet can also be an excellent resource, although of course you will need to verify everything for yourself, and some specialist organisations may be able to recommend someone to you.

While the process of meeting and talking to potential solicitors is a very important one, there are a few accreditations that may help to weed out the timewasters before things go any further. One of these is Lexcel, the Law Society’s International Practice Standard, which ensures that the firm has proven to have consistently high standards in client care and case management.

ISO9001 Quality

Alternatively they made have the ISO9001:2008 standard, which means they’ve proven high standards in both case management and client care as well as meeting the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority’s regulatory requirements. This accreditation is assessed every six months, and you should ask for proof that they have passed the last assessment.

Make a list of five solicitors and arrange to talk with each of them, either in their offices or at your home. The initial interview should always be free, and you shouldn’t feel pressured into any kind of obligation; if you do, it’s time to try another. You should also feel as though you can ask them any questions about the process, or their experience, and they should be able to answer fully and in a way you understand.

Take along a pad and paper and make sure you take notes of any key points – it can seem like an overload of information at first and you will need something to look back over. Any good firm will be able to put you in touch with previous clients of theirs as references, and they will also be able to tell you how many similar cases they have dealt with and how many of them had a successful outcome. This can be especially useful when dealing with different solicitors with different areas of expertise.


While the experience and knowledge of the solicitor is incredibly important, it’s also vital to find someone with whom you’re comfortable. As you go through this emotional process, you need to be sure that the person you hire is treating you and your case with respect, and will try to make it as easy as possible for you. If things progress, you will need to stay in regular contact with your solicitor, so you should also ask how they intend to do that, whether by phone or in person.


Whichever negligence solicitor you choose to go with should be knowledgeable, experienced and personally helpful, but if you do change your mind later on you can change solicitors at any point. If you receive funding from the Legal Aid Agency you may need their approval before progressing, but you should never feel trapped with a firm you aren’t completely happy with.



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Areas of Law Related Specialisms – An Overview

Law is a wide field which compromise several broad categories. This means there are different types of law and application which are meant to resolve various types of issue.

This necessity is attributed that almost every aspect of life has different legal requirement and therefore it is necessary to have laws for almost every aspect of it.

Let’s look at the most common areas.

Law Specialisms

The lawyers who work in these different categories usually specialise in these particular fields where they study specifically for that line of law. They also proceed to work on those particular fields without venturing into other types of law. But there are other general lawyers who deal with different kind of legal issues. Such lawyers usually do not study or work in any specific line of law and therefore thy just have the general knowledge in different types of law. However, you only need to look around at the websites of various law firms or directories to see the variety of specialisms, for example Carpenters Solicitors  as featured on http://www.liverpoollawfirms.co.uk/ to pick on a random company from a quick Google search shows that they too feature a wide range of practices.

Conveyancing Solicitors/Lawyers

Most people will need the services of a conveyancing solicitor at some point in the their lives. This assumes that most people will aquire a mortgage, of course this isn’t always the case but it is very common. In this instance you will require legal papers to be drawn up such as the property deeds but also services such as the research into the history of the property with regard to if it has been built upon a landfill site or marsh area. Also boundaries of each property are a legal issue and this is another area that a conveyancing service will investigate for you. If you don’t use a good solicitors to do this you will regret it later if your property experiences subsidence or there is a dispute over land etc.

Criminal Law

One of the primary types of law is the criminal law which applies to people who have committed different crimes. People who are prosecuted under criminal laws are usually offenders who have gone against certain regulations. Such accused people are treated according to their offences with some offences even enhancing the judges to deny the accused people bail. However, there are other minor criminal offences which are decided according to the legal interpretation of the laws.

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Divorce Lawyers

Another popular type of law is the law which primarily deals with legal issues related to family members such as divorce. The lawyers who practice this type of law usually act on their clients’ behalf where they negotiate with the other parties during divorce. They also ensure that their clients get fair treatment including fair share of custody in case the marriage had children. These lawyers also write prenuptial and wills and therefore they understand various issues regarding family laws. Amongst the primary qualities that a lawyer working in this line of law is required to have include honesty because they are even entrusted with family financial transactions.

Insurance Law

Insurance law is another type of law which deals with various issues related to insurance. This means that this type of law is handled by the lawyers who deal with these cases regarding insurance companies and their clients. Most insurance companies usually hire these lawyers so as to represent them against clients who might file cases against the companies. On the other hand the clients usually hire the lawyers to help them in negotiating for higher compensation in case the issues that were insured happen. The lawyers who deal with insurance legal issues are required to be good negotiators. This is because most insurance matters are concluded outside the courts after the various sides agree. The agreements are only reached after negotiations and therefore the lawyer must have good negotiating skills.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury law is another important type of law which seeks to ensure that people who are injured because of negligence of other parties are compensated fairly. This means that when a person is injured because of another person’s mistake, the person on the wrong is supposed to compensate the injured person. The party liable for the injury might even be a company and therefore the company should also compensate people who get injured while working for the company. Liable individuals and companies which are insured usually let the lawyers of the injured person negotiate with the particular insurance company. If an agreement is not reached, then the cases proceed to the court as the injured person hopes to be compensated fairly. The compensation aims at restoring the injured people at the position they were in before getting injured. Therefore, besides the payment of medical expenses, the liable party is legally required to compensate the injured person for the time wasted and also for loss of employment amongst other associated loses.

Motoring Lawyers

Motoring law is arguably the biggest type of law because it is a legal requirement for every vehicle to have this type of insurance. The attorneys who deal with various issues related to motor vehicles usually represent car owners whose cars have been involved in accidents. These lawyers who deal with the various legal issues related to auto insurance also advise their clients on what to do and say during court cases. These lawyers also represent their clients in negotiations in case the issue does not become a court case.

Medical Negligence Lawyers

There are also attorneys who deal with legal health issues. This means that these lawyers assist clients with various medical or health related problems. Such lawyers usually deal with issues such negligence by the doctors and other issues that might not be according to the set rules and regulations. Therefore, from the outlined different types of legal issues it is possible to know what kind of lawyer to look for while faced with different type of legal issues.

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Developments That Every Estate Agent Needs To Acknowledge

The UK property market has developed tremendously over the last 10 to 15 years where traditional ways of selling and buying properties have been replaced by new ways, smarter ways; these new methods target a newer audience – a tech savvy audience.

Technology And Property

These developments have primarily been brought about by technological advancements. This has been inevitable since technology has become a need rather than a want to many people. As a result, many industries have been left with no choice but to incorporate technology in their work.

Some of these industries in the UK include the property industry where technology is used in various aspects as we have seen by giants such as http://www.rightmove.co.uk/ and http://www.zoopla.co.uk/. In addition to aggregator sites such as these, online estate agents are becoming more common, such as Open House estate agents. Consequently, it has become almost necessary for any UK property agent to be conversant with technology so as to keep up with the various developments.

Amongst the areas where technology has been incorporated by estate agents is in viewing of their available homes for sale/rent.

3D Layouts & Virtual Tours

Traditionally buyers of homes had to physically visit the available homes so that they can view them before deciding whether to buy. But currently buyers can use 3D home tours to view homes without physically visiting these homes. These tours use computer vision technology which gives buyers realistic and remote tours of the available homes. This is beneficial and convenient since buyers can view the available homes online at the comfort of their homes or offices. The introduction of this technology in UK has resulted to various property agents announcing they are reducing the buyers’ commission which they always charge. This is because the viewing expenses have significantly been reduced by the introduction of virtual 3D home tours. As a result the cost of buying homes has significantly been reduced therefore making the available homes more affordable.

Faster Payments

The introduction of technology in various aspects of the UK property market has also simplified the payment process where the various financial transactions can be done through the internet. This is facilitated by that the property agents in this market accept to be paid virtually instead of the traditional ways. These virtual payment methods are more convenient since the buyers receive the payments in real time. As a result the time spent completing the transactions can significantly be reduced. All what any competent property agent in the UK requires is to ensure that the virtual payment forum used is safe. This means that the buyers’ personal financial details should not be disposed to people who are not allowed to view them. An agent can give buyers this assurance through using some of the well known and trusted virtual payment methods. An estate agent with referrals from previous customers can also create trust through letting potential customers get testimonials from these previous customers.

Online Conveyancing

The UK property market has also been influenced by technology when it comes to filling the necessary conveyancing documents. These documents are usually necessary when it comes to finalising the relevant transactions and the use of a law firm who are able to carry out conveyancing on your behalf is a requirement.

A buyer or seller who is not physically available can readily fill these documents virtually and therefore complete the transaction without being physically present. All what is necessary is the realtor to provide a forum where such documents can be filled conveniently. Furthermore, the records such as tax and financial details of a certain person involved in the transaction can easily be checked and authenticated virtually within a short time. Therefore, property agents in the UK have recognised the importance of technology and have gone a head to incorporate it in their transactions.

Informative And Educative Details About Becoming A Legal Expert And Choosing The Right Institution

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Law is one of the most prestigious and popular careers where many people look for opportunities to work as lawyers and other jobs related to law. The people who pursue careers related to law usually become experts in legal issues. This means that they study the various aspects of law to ultimately become qualified to practice law. Majority of the lawyers specialise in specific line of legal issues where they train and concentrate on the particular lines of law. However, this career is very demanding and therefore people wishing to pursue it must be performing well in school and also have certain qualities. This makes it paramount for anyone to planning to pursue career in law to know what requirements are needed and also the necessary qualities.

The first thing that one should have so as to train as an expert in various aspects of law is be good in class work. This means that students who aspire to be legal experts should make sure they do well in particular subjects such as mathematics and languages. This is because as a law expert one is expected to be good in calculations while executing various legal duties. Languages are also important because lawyers spend a significant part of their careers arguing cases. Sciences are also important especially in the current days where technology is involved in almost every career. Even the rest of the subjects are important because law experts are expected to be sharp in almost all aspects.

Besides academic qualifications, becoming a good legal expert also requires one to have certain characteristics. One of the primary characteristics is having good communication skills. This is because lawyers are required to be convincing when they argue cases or negotiate and this can only be achieved by people with good communication skills. These skills should also incorporate being a good listener since listening is an important part of communication. It is also paramount to be a person who can work for long hours without complaining. This is because most law experts sometimes get a lot of work where they are compelled to work for long hour and even on weekends.

After knowing the requirements of being a good law expert, the next step should be to choose the right training institution or university. Choosing the right institution might be challenging because there are many legal training institutions. This makes it paramount to consider various factors while choosing the right institution. Amongst the factors that one should consider is the reputation of the particular institution. This is because there are certain institutions and university which are known to produce high quality law graduates. Such graduates do not even struggle to get jobs since they are very marketable.

Another important factor while choosing the right institution to train in law it is also important to consider the geographical location. This is especially for people who would like to train while commuting from home. Such students should opt for the local institutions instead of going for the institutions which are far away.

Since there are many institutions that train students in legal matters, there have emerged institutions which are not licensed but still claim to provide law training. Such institutions usually invite students to do legal courses but upon completion the students are not recognised by the regulating authorities and therefore they cannot work in the law industry. This makes it important for every student to ensure that the institution chosen is properly licensed. This can readily be done by checking from the regulating authorities since there is a list of all the certified and licensed institutions which are allowed to teach law.

There are also institutions which provide diverse modes of training in law. Traditionally all the institutions required students to physically attend classes. However, as technology improved students can now learn even without physically attending classes. This is facilitated by internet connection where students can get the relevant learning materials even without going to class. These online based materials are usually in form of documents, audio lessons or even videos. All what students require doing is download these materials and study at their own time. They will only be required to attend classes physically during examinations. This mode of learning is especially helpful to people who study while still working because they might have limited time to physically attend classes.

While looking for the right institution so as to study legal courses it is also important to consider the fees charged by the various institutions. Most of the established institutions usually charge higher fee than the upcoming institutions. However, it is not advisable to compromise on quality because of cost. Therefore, people can readily become legal experts just by choosing the right institutions.